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So many things processed + released. Karissa's power is beautiful, calming, loving, intuitive, brilliant. I feel incredibly lighter. I feel such at peace."


—  T.H.


Comforting touch, holding space, allowing energetic flow.

A sanctuary within, awakens the Divine. Your healing flows through you, surrendering all that no longer serves. Breathing in Light, breathing out resistance. Allowing the flow of the energetic waves to rush over you, bathing you in healing light. Comforting, gentle rocking of your hips, allowing what arises to arise. Releasing judgement, allowing the energetic flow.

As a Divine being having a human experience, I focus and connect to Source consciousness and the connections of Light and Love that entwines us all. Holding space in that oneness, fullness of all that we are.

Energetic Exchange

Abundance Flows

♥$60/30 minute experience (20 minutes Reiki ♥ 10 minutes welcome/debrief)

♥$90/60 minute experience (45 minutes Reiki ♥ 15 minutes welcome/debrief)

♥$120/90 minute experience (60 minutes Reiki ♥ 30 minutes spiritual guidance)

*90 min experience recommended for fullest relaxation and in-depth self-care suggestions.

Virtual+Distance Reiki Available! $50/30mins

Open to trades!

Energy/Massage Practitioner, Artisan, Etc.

Contact me to discuss options for exchange!

Session Suggestions

For the most comfortable experience

♥Wear comfy clothing (tshirt yoga/sweatpants) (No bra necessary!)

♥Showered day of session, no makeup or hair products.

♥Refrain from caffeine day of and the day before if possible.

♥Eat a light meal, preferably fruit/veg 2-3 hours before session.

♥Drink lots of water the day of and before session.

Reiki Session

What to expect

While every reiki experience will slightly differ, here is an example of a typical session.


After filling out the paperwork and reviewing what to expect and any questions, we will enter into sacred space and begin our silent stillness. Weather permitting, we will begin outside, barefoot in the grass, to take a few deep breaths and stretch out anything needing to be released. After this grounding and centering time, a hug if offered and we can enter back inside.


Typically starting face up on the massage table, we begin with a short meditation, bring ourselves to this sacred moment, beginning to connect to our body, allowing the energies to flow. I will begin at your head, with some light scalp massage and hair pulling, along with light facial touch and pressure on sinus and third eye. After facial work is complete I will lay a rice bag over your eyes to allow for a deeper meditative experience.


Working my way down the chakras to the throat chakra, I may lightly place my hands around your neck, opening and allowing the energy to flow. Often we find fears or pain from not “speaking our truth” here so surrendering and breathing in through the throat chakra blue light can bring about a release and healing to the throat. Cat like massage on your shoulders, releasing any remaining held tension.

Holding my hands with a light pressure on the upper chest, over the heart chakra. I may also place my other hand underneath the back, lighting tapping to awaken and help energy movement.

Gentle, belly rub for the solar plexus and sacral chakra. Light rocking of hips allowing trapped emotions to arise and release. Pulling energies down through the legs, out the feet for surrender and release to be recycled into the earth.


Sage or palo santo may be used to cleanse the energy field, with feathers guiding the air and release.


After the front side is complete, if comfortable, we will turn you over to lay face down in the head rest. Rubbing of the back, light scratching and tickle touch may be used to release tension and heighten sensations. Additional scalp massage and hair pulling again. Working down the back side of the body, surrendering tension in the glutes and legs, pulling down to the feet.


Washing of the feet and anointing of oil, blessing you upon your journey, seeing your true essence and expressing gratitude for allowing me to hold this healing space for you. Additional sage or palo santo may be used again to cleanse and bless.


Ending this reiki experience with a singing bowl radiating healing vibrations around your energy field. Allowing for deep breaths, to fully absorb and integrate.


Then if comfortable, bringing your bottom up and sitting back on your legs into child’s pose while I rub and awaken your back, grounding you back into your body. 

After the session concludes, I will share anything I sensed during the session along with intuitive guidance and recommendations for self-care practices.

After Care

Continued Release and Healing

Drink lots of water for the remainder of the day.

The water will also help to cleanse out your body after the emotional release. Some suggested after care practices to further the releasing and healing process:

♥Healthy living foods (raw fruits/vegetables)

♥Barefoot Outside Walking/Playtime

♥Salt bath




♥Drinking Tea

♥Laying on a hammock



Really giving yourself the space to fully integrate after your session is vital, things may continue to arise and need to be held in that safe space to fully process and heal.


Avoid TV, social media, unhealthy food, stressful situations. Breathing through and releasing tension if stressful situations arise.


Journaling your experience personally, what arose, what was released, what felt inspiring, perhaps some ideas or messages came through, and allowing yourself to fully dive into those things can be a great way to really release and transform these areas and bring them to fullness and complete healing.

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