Spiritual Insight

Along with reiki treatments, spiritual insight sessions can provide comfort, clarity and intuitive direction. Best when incorporated after a reiki session, spiritual insight can help bring clarity to your inner truths, and provide suggestions for forward motion in processing and healing during this time. 

Oracle cards are tools we can use to communicate with our multidimensional connections, ie: our higher self, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, spirit animals, beings of benevolent support. When we tune into our own center, we can sense the cards calling to us and intuit the connection and meaning behind these signs.

With a safe, accepting, nurturing environment, we can allow ourselves to release into our own truths, without fear of being shamed, or shut down. Holding this space, with intentional intuitive listening, we can challenge old paradigm beliefs and fears that are holding us back from our fullest expression. 

Spiritual Insight sessions can be experienced in addition to a reiki session, in person or virtually. *At this time all sessions are done virtually with Zoom*

Connecting via Zoom, we will begin with some grounding practices and a short meditation to tune in to the energies and messages coming through. 

Several Oracle Decks to choose from... see list with recommended resources or wait to see what you feel drawn towards at the session.

Depending on the time session purchased, we will discover what is arising in your energy body/spirit, dive a little deeper to how that's manifesting in your life, and direct Reiki energy to help the surrendering and empowering process. Also included -(depth limited by time selected) - recommending self care tools & techniques, affirmations, crystals and essential oils to compliment and assist in deeper releasing, emotional/energetic healing, raising vibration, and empowering in authentic truth.  

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