Put simply; light and love. Life force energy, or prana. What created us, connects us, brings us life. 

"Reiki is also a form of ki [energy]. It is the ki that is being guided by rei. Rei is the higher mind or higher consciousness. It is free of negativity and is filled with compassion, love, peace, wisdom and every worthwhile quality. It knows the cause of every illness and difficulty and also knows how to heal them. Some might call it God, God Consciousness, or Holy Spirit. It represents the oneness of all that exists." "Therefore, a good definition is that Reiki is 'the primal energy of the universe being guided by the highest wisdom of the universe'. Because of this, Reiki cannot be affected by our conscious minds or by anything negative. It can only create good. This is why Reiki is such a wonderful healing energy."

-William Lee Rand The Reiki Touch Page 13 

Reiki is a Japanese term for God/Universal life giving energy. Even though the practice of "laying of hands" or healing touch has been a healing modality for centuries, in 1937 the Usui System of Natural Healing  form was founded. More information on the history and additional aspects can be found here.

While there are similarities, every practitioner will have their own techniques and means of channeling and connecting with their client.

My techniques include light touch, gentle rocking and a very nurturing, comforting environment. More details on What to Expect

Reiki sessions are a safe, sacred space, to allow the body and mind to rest. Allowing the Light to release and recycle any stagnant or trapped emotions in the energy body. A good visualization is to see bright white light entering from my hands, allowing it to wash away anything needing released, to exit through the feet, out into the earth to be recycled and transformed.

Reiki can be given and exchanged through our hands, but also through our hearts. Anytime I hug someone, I like to take three deep breaths together while I emit Reiki from my heart core, which feels warm and yummy and I can usually feel the recipient release and feel that comfort. 


Nurturing, comforting touch is a basic human need, often time's we don't received enough of. Reiki sessions provide an opportunity to reconnect to our bodies, and feel love!

What is Reiki?
As a Divine being having a human experience, I focus and connect to Source consciousness and the connections of Light and Love that entwines us all. Holding space in that oneness, fullness of all that we are.

Energetic Exchange

Abundance Flows

♥$60/30 minute experience (20 minutes Reiki ♥ 10 minutes welcome/debrief)

♥$90/60 minute experience (45 minutes Reiki ♥ 15 minutes welcome/debrief)

♥$120/90 minute experience (60 minutes Reiki ♥ 30 minutes spiritual guidance)

*90 min experience recommended for fullest relaxation and in-depth self-care suggestions.

Virtual+Distance Reiki Available! $50/30mins

Open to trades!

Energy/Massage Practitioner, Artisan, Etc.

Contact me to discuss options for exchange!

Session Suggestions

For the most comfortable experience

♥Wear comfy clothing (tshirt yoga/sweatpants) (No bra necessary!)

♥Showered day of session, no makeup or hair products.

♥Refrain from caffeine day of and the day before if possible.

♥Eat a light meal, preferably fruit/veg 2-3 hours before session.

♥Drink lots of water the day of and before session.

Continued Release and Healing

After Care

Drink lots of water for the remainder of the day.

The water will also help to cleanse out your body after the emotional release. Some suggested after care practices to further the releasing and healing process:

♥Healthy living foods (raw fruits/vegetables)

♥Barefoot Outside Walking/Playtime

♥Salt bath




♥Drinking Tea

♥Laying on a hammock



Really giving yourself the space to fully integrate after your session is vital, things may continue to arise and need to be held in that safe space to fully process and heal.


Avoid TV, social media, unhealthy food, stressful situations. Breathing through and releasing tension if stressful situations arise.


Journaling your experience personally, what arose, what was released, what felt inspiring, perhaps some ideas or messages came through, and allowing yourself to fully dive into those things can be a great way to really release and transform these areas and bring them to fullness and complete healing.

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