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Healing Light with Reiki

A reiki session experience.

Peaceful Bliss in the Spectrum of Reiki + Light

Megan's Reiki Session Experience

Unlocking Healing Space Within

"...very loving, felt waves of healing throughout... I felt so calmed by this experience. I would love to unlock more in further sessions."

Safe Space

Through comforting, nurturing touch and gentle rocking, the body can surrender tension. Allowing inner peace to wash over and release anything that no longer serves your highest good. This safe space to express and explore these emotions and things that arise can help heal the mind body spirit connection and allow us to tune into our Divine state of being.

Feel the LOVE

"I love this experience so much, Karissa allowed me the space to feel open & loved and her healing energy is so powerful! Thank you for this experience so much."

Grounding and Re-Centering

Reiki sessions can help us realign our inner truths, and allow the natural Life bringing Light to overflow in us, healing and filling with LOVE. After the session concludes, grounding back into the body is important to fully embody the healing work processed earlier.

Fully Tuning In

" Flow art helps me tune into the present moment so well. While I wait for the paint to settle in the cup before the paint flows, I take a few loving breaths and think of what I want to see released when I lift it. Imagining my healing with the colors is so soothing and relaxing. I feel my stagnant energies flow out of me into the art thus transmuting the energy into something visually beautiful. It helps me stay present and I feel so much lighter after the release."

Artist supporting Artist

Megan is a beautiful artist and has a passion for teaching flow painting and mindfulness as well as enjoys floating, meditation, and yoga + kundalini yoga. You can find her and here artwork here:

IG @violet_starshine_art




More information on Reiki and What To Expect or Contact to schedule your own healing Reiki Experience.



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