Hi there! I am Karissa.

I love to love.

When I was born, my Grandmother said to my aunt, "These are the eyes of someone who is going to change the world." And so ever since I have found that through loving people, seeing people in all that they are, in all of their glory, and loving them there.. well that's how you change the world. Loving one person at a time.

Through a journey of major change and transformation in my life, learning Self Love and how to live my authentic expression was a powerful awakening for my in my life. I have always felt called to a "higher purpose", to love, to teach, to empower others in their authentic truth. At age 18 I started my path with Reiki level 1 training and truly started doing the inner work in discovering who I was. However, I was challenged with stress at work, misalignment in my marriage, I gained weight and fell into depression. Starting the shadow work and self care I started diving deeper and transforming my own thoughts and how I was treating my mind, body, and spirit. Through my growth and releasing all that no longer serves, I have come to an authentic place, after surrendering the unhappy marriage, changing my diet to vegan plant based, tuning into my body and movement, and incorporating self care tools and techniques to aid the process and transformation. From this journey, I have gained knowledge and tools to help others and my heart and authentic truth is to share, equip, and empower.


As a master reiki practitioner and mind/body/spirit wellness advocate, I’m passionate about helping people on their journey with self love and finding natural, holistic solutions and alignment with essential oils, CBD, and toxin free home products! I offer intuitive readings and help dive deeper into finding self care tools and techniques to help aid in releasing all that no longer serves while empowering and calling forth the authentic self. I offer recommendations on crystals and oils to work with on an energetic level as well. Reiki and meditation is also incorporated in the more in-depth sessions.


Certified Master Level Reiki Practitioner through Usui Reiki

Teacher: Cheri Roth

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